The company services including her maternal and child care services、Parenting during service、The milk lactation、Postpartum recovery center、
Lili、Lactation door-to-door service、Her training、Lactation teacher training services, etc.

For one moreService mode

Scientific parenting Mother be at ease The baby

Company established in hanzhong area excellent reputation

  • Her one to one service

    Month sister-in-law24Hours consulting nursing the baby、
    To do so,Her strict service category,
    Do a good job log

  • Breastfeeding one-on-one

    To provide professional guidance to breastfeed,
    The maternal lactation and related breast problems
    Propose solutions,Including:
    Lactation posture error、Mammary gland、
    Cracked nipple and related nursing problems

  • Mother consultants one-on-one

    To provide24Hours of telephone
    Maternal and child related questions
    Complaints, Suggestions and month sister-in-law work

  • Postpartum rehabilitation one-on-one

    After the full moon to store physical testing,
    According to different postnatal different physical size,
    Private postpartum recovery plan
    And make a detailed recovery plan。

6That's right1Service mode,For you

We according to different needs of customers,Customized service for you
Make parenting easier。

  • Mother consultants one-on-one

    24Hours of maternal and infant relevant problem telephone service

  • Her one to one service

    Month sister-in-law24Hours to take care of the baby、To do so1That's right1

  • Lactation consultant one-on-one

    To provide professional nursing guidance

  • Postpartum rehabilitation one-on-one

    Postpartum by professional production kang advisory mentoring

  • His doctor one-on-one

    Pediatricians emergency one-on-one

  • Refund one-on-one service

    Probation period is not satisfied with one to one replacement service

This store is recommended--Postpartum recovery project

A variety of postpartum recovery project,There is always a right for you

Key projects is recommended

  • Pelvic floor muscle repair

    Can prevent the uterus falls off,Postpartum body recovery,
    To improve the probability of mother pregnant again,
    You can also improve the quality of life of husband and wife。

  • The moon is sweating

    Dredge meridian promoting blood circulation to remove blood stasis,Prevention of puerperal fever;
    Discharge cold the origin in the body;Eliminate fatigue
    Lays the foundation for the puerpera restores the body。

  • The pelvis to repair

    Pelvic floor muscle contraction and improve postpartum uterus recovery,
    Maintenance of the ovaries.Regulate inflammation of department of gynaecology.Get rid of lochia.
    CorrectOType of leg.Hip shape,Beautiful buttock boo。

  • The waist intensive-care unit

    Ease postpartum waist fatigue,Lose the waist proud flesh
    Relaxing tendons,Strong waist,
    To reduce the incidence of lumbar disc prolapse。

Our other projects

Her please to care for maternal and infant

  • The company there are nursing staff Numbers,Customer choice is wider。
  • Enterprise operation、All the staff management,Exclusive all-the-way tracking customer manager,
    Work record customer sign it every day,A strict system of choose and employ persons、We will improve the mechanism of the service process。
  • The supervising teacher professional guidance,Each operation in accordance with the standards,Professional skills。

Why her please choose love from mother to child?

  • Share for you

  • Help you to stimulate the secretion of milk

  • Reasonable diet

  • Helps to restore

  • Nursing science

  • Contract safeguard

  • 6That's right1Service

  • The correct parenting

  • Reduce conflict

  • Click on the consultation
    For details

Choose your record of formal schooling education institutions do you worry about it...

  • It's too expensive

    Flowers Qian Gui
    The service is poor
    Rights without guarantee
    Money is out of step with the service

  • Worth it

    The money spent
    The energy cost
    Her service does not reach the designated position
    No take good care of the baby and mother

  • Deceived

    The money spent
    People didn't come
    Her money ran road
    Don't cheated out of money

Four big reasons

  • Company strength is abundant

    Hanzhong city is the largest
    Her company
    The customer to choose

  • Her professional knowledge

    Professional teacher training
    National approval certificate

  • Service standards

    Customer manager will track
    A strict system of choose and employ persons

  • Full service

    24Hours online service
    Exclusive for a new service
    Sign the contract more secure

Her documents

Her professional knowledge

Security agreement

More of a standard service

The whole24Hours tracking guidance

We are responsible for every customer to the end

We are responsible for the customer,And there is only one target,Let you and your baby get a perfect comfort parenting experience

The private ordering solve your parenting

A healthy body
At least18Can

For details

Month sister-in-law

Zero based learning
Will learn package

Understand the consulting

Month sister-in-law/Galactagogue division training application started!

Recommend employment 丨 Zero based learning 丨 package board and lodging

Theory+In field
Lactation teacher training
Package identification

Real field
Free classes

To apply for the audition

Her study galactagogue division to care for maternal and infant

“In this city,Miracles happen every day,And the miracle of another name called”—You to the hard for life seriously
You are only one step away from ten thousand yuan a month
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The uterus nursingPelvic floor muscle repairThe pelvis to repairThe moon is sweatingPostpartum recoveryLactation milkParenting during serviceHer trainingHer serviceQi and bloodThe waist of nursing